how to mistake yawning for hiccups in front of your teacher: a guide by cycha


and yet still not worth it


Takmaj, on Tumblr




first look- i immediately liked him

second look - nothing changed except they made him a bit shorter and they added his freckles which is so fucking adorable i loved him more

third/ final (WHICH HOPEFULLY IS NOT OH GOD PLEASE) - DISAPPOINTMENT EVERYTHING CHANGED OKAY when i watched the trailer im like ” who the fuck is this? ” then they said prompto im like WHAT NONONONONONO 

his. whole. face. structure. changed. no freckles. his. hair. changed. like. kpop. wtf.

wheres the Prompto i loved who is a man and not a brat kpop wannabe

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(OLD-ISH) reqs!!! posts everything to twitter & instagram and not here dfjkghfkh

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właśnie to kończę czytać

pożycz mózg na tydzień żebym ja nie musiała czytać

my fav line of deidara’s is all of his KATSU because he seems so madly excited to make things explode every friggin time. ART. also AYYE BLESS YOU your answer made me weirdly happy

YES ITS CUTE the first step is believing in beauty of what youre doing

aww man thats good <3

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im dying i forgot abt sauerkraut

never forget the sauerkraut

zenon ziembiewicz

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why are you asking ME

Why I like them: a cutie patoot and life treats him as trash
Why I don’t: he smells like sauerkraut
Favorite episode (scene if movie): falling into a barrel of said sauerkraut
Favorite line: “i was over at my friends when my clan got murdered” or something like this
Favorite outfit: hes got one i know of
OTP: nede zgrede
Brotp: yoshi
Head Canon: he secretly wishes is collar was longer so he could hide better
Unpopular opinion: no
An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: dont let the uchiha curse of idiocy awaken in him
My nickname for them: i dont have one

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